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11 Best Eateries in London

If you are a foodie like me, you will find so many options in London. Typically when traveling, I enjoy exploring and experimenting with different menu items. I always ask what the locals typically order and will order that dish to sample the flavor. One thing I try to do is stay away from American chains or types of food that I can get back home. Most of the time if I don’t understand the name of the dish or how it is described on the menu, I will ask the waiter to give me an example of a dish that is similar.

Scooter Cafe

Upon our arrival in London in the later afternoon, we decided our body clocks were off a little from our normal routine, so we needed to have something light to hold us over until the next day. So we decided to forgo a meal and go for a nice cup of hot chocolate. I am not sure if this was wise at such a late hour but who can pass up hot chocolate, especially when it was cool outside. We did some searching on TripAdvisor and came across Scooter Café, which was not too far from where we were staying. This tiny café and bar was the perfect place to start our experience of London drinks. Because it was a bit cold outside we both ordered a cup of hot chocolate.

I had never experienced such an amazing cup of hot chocolate as the one they serve here. It was made from melted chocolate and was so thick your spoon could almost stand straight up in your cup. Scooter Café was a great start to have drinks and socialize before heading back to the hotel.

Tapas Brindisa Kitchen London Bridge

One of our favorite areas of London is in the Borough Market which is where we found Brindisa Kitchen. The menu is made of authentic Spanish style foods. We stopped in for tapas and a glass of wine

Beirut Express

While on the search for Middle Eastern food we found Beirut Express which serves Lebanese style food. We ordered the hummus, fatoush salad, and mixed grill. All were very decadent and very delicious. Whether you want a three-course meal or just a delicious snack I recommend a visit to Beirut Express.

Brick Lane Beigel Bake

One of London’s famous bagel shops is located at Brick Lane Street. This bakery is open 24 hours and fresh bagels are always available for purchase. In addition to bagels, they also serve fresh bread, cakes, donuts, sandwiches, and drinks. If you plan to grab a bagel here be prepared to wait a while because this bakery is very popular with the locals.

Belly N Bao

Located in Camden Market at one of their many food stalls offer Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines. One of the dishes they are known for is belly pork and tasty bao.

Burgers & Lobsters

A friend recommended Burgers & Lobster in SoHo. Interestingly, the menu has two options: lobster or burgers cooked to your liking. I ordered the lobster Catalan which is served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and Catalan dressing. My husband ordered the original lobster served B&L’s lemon & garlic butter served with chips and salad. All I can say is OMG! This was most definitely one of the best meal we’ve had in London.

Caffé Nero

This adorable comfy coffee shop has just what you need for a quick pick me up during the day after seeing sights and walking the streets of London. You can find Café Nero all across Europe as this chain coffee company has over 800 stores. We stayed a while to enjoy our cup of coffee with whole dairy milk and the free access to WIFI which we used to plan our next site to visit.

Fullers Pie & Ale

Fuller’s Ale & Pie House is located on the ground floor of the Sanctuary House Hotel. This is your typical London pub with a variety of beer selections to pick from for a nice mug of cold brew. A great place to have lunch in the Westminster area. We ordered the Salt Beef Sandwich and the Cod Sandwich. Both were delicious and very flavorful.


For breakfast, we made several visits to Garfunkel’s, as this restaurant was conveniently close to our hotel in Kensington. One morning we had their Eggs Florentine, which was served with spinach and delicious Hollandaise sauce. We also tried their Classic Breakfast which came with scrambled eggs, sausage, baked beans, and cubed potatoes. To keep our energy high for the day it was a perfect place to have breakfast.

Siam Garden

If you need some Asian Thai food this is the place to visit. We ordered the Veggie Rolls, the Tom Kha Soup, and the stir-fried noodles. All were very tasty, especially the soup.

San Carlo Cicchetti

We sought out this restaurant for dinner after having spotted it during our walk earlier in the day. We ordered the Shrimp & Clams Spaghetti and the Spinach Ravioli. Both were very nicely prepared and full of delicious flavors.

Poppies Fish & Chips

This restaurant chain has multiple locations. We patronized the one at the Spitalfields Market. We ordered the usual Fish and Chips, which of course, were very yummy.


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