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A Day Trip to Boerne: The Lazy Runner’s 5K

With plans to attend an event in Boerne on Saturday, we decided to drive up the night before and stay at the Fairfield Inn to get an early start at the Farmer’s Market in Cibolo. Located at the Cibolo Nature Center and Farm on Herff Road, this original 10,000-acre ranch has been developed by the Cibolo Wilderness Group into a 62 acre educational, research, entertainment and outdoor activities center for over 100,000 visitors a year.

Cibolo Farmer’s Market

As we entered the farmer’s market we came upon a pottery maker who takes antlers and fuses them to her mugs to create a handle. All of her pieces where individually designed; some even had special indentions in the mold of the cup so that your thumb and fingers fit comfortably around the cup.

With this facility being an agriculture education center, we also explored the Inspiration Garden where we discovered gardeners teaching and educating visitors about various plants and horticulture skills. Fresh herbs were planted in rows along the fence as we could certainly smell their aromatic scents. I have been familiar with the seasoning paprika, but had never seen it in plant form. The paprika plant had a lovely rusty orange color flower.

The gardener showed me one of the most beautiful flowers there called a Larkspur, which if you looked carefully, the flower made the shape of a bird in the center. The strawberries were beginning to turn red as they hung over the sides of a large white barrel.

Vendors were selling fresh meats, vegetables, and assorted canned goods. There were also samples available to entice you to buy their organic products to take home. We visited with a young lady who makes fresh, natural pet products called Pet Wants. We sampled lacto-fermented radish sauerkraut at Happy Gut Foods. Local honey, as well as homemade bread was available for purchase, too.

Cibolo Nature Center & Farm

Cibolo Nature Center and Farm is on the original ranch homestead built by Dr. Ferdinand Herff in 1852. I was very intrigued by the water system there, which is still standing today. As you walk the trail, you will come upon a chicken house where we saw many colorful hens scratching in the dirt. The Cibolo Nature Center & Farm have done an excellent job of providing a beautiful setting for sharing nature and educating about the conservation of land.

The Boerne 0.5K

The reason for our visit to Boerne was to observe a unique event I saw on Facebook called the Boerne 0.5K. The funds from the race was a fundraiser for Blessings in a Backpack.  Before arriving, I had been following the post on Facebook; I was curious about the overall set up and promotion of such an event as it is not your typical “running” event.

One of the first lines I read about the race is that it was sanctioned by SLACR, the Society for Lazy and Carefree Runners. This peaked my interest! They didn’t want to leave anyone out and made sure anyone could participate, so they decided to do something easy: shorten the distance and offer amenities that no one could refuse.

Starting at 11:00 am at the Dodging Duck Brewhaus,  participants that pre-registered could get a pint of beer to “hydrate” before the race. A one-man band entertained the crowd as many of the participants were dressed in costume, socialized on the patio, and took pictures.

Following a hilarious convocation, the “athletes” began by making their way across River Road to the walking trail along Cibolo Creek. Mock marathon protestors lined the sidewalks shouting, “marathoners are people too!” As the racers made their way toward the finish line, markers were available to show the “athletes” how far they had traveled down the 547-ish yard path.

For the serious underachievers, the race had the option to purchase a VIP Package which offered all the same goodies as the other registered participants, but for an additional $25, could skip the run and take the shuttle in a 1963 Volkswagen Van.

A quarter of the way, the racers could visit the carb station, which had delicious donut holes, juice, and coffee. Many participants took full advantage of these delectable treats to recharge for the grueling race.

If participants needed a smoke to replenish their nicotine high, they could stop at the smoking “sag stop” and light up a cigarette or cigar. Many folks took advantage of this station as they formed a line to take a puff from one their many free choices of a “candy” sticks.

Participants began to feel exhausted as their beer mugs had gone dry and cigarettes were nowhere to be found, some even began to drop to their knees for medical assistance. Luckily for them, they had a medical tent that provided free alcohol reloading. Some of the hottest nurses in town worked at the station to keep the racers healthy and happy!

We saw smiling faces at Cibolo Creek Brewery as they crossed the finish line. The racers were gifted a carnation in appreciation for their efforts. Many participants spoke of the pride they felt as this was their first race to enter and complete. Winners took the stage with a trophies in hand as family and friends photographed their success!

The Cibolo Creek Brewery had another pint of “energy juice” waiting as the runners crossed the finish line. As runners cooled down with a nice cold beer in hand, they picked up a goodie bag and medal to recognize their accomplishment. The party got started at Cibolo Creek Brewery as many were celebrating and dancing to live music, enjoying a beer, and looking forward to the next underachiever race to participate in next year.

I tried to register for this event, but it was sold out. The event coordinator offered a Procrastinator’s Prize Pack which I bought for $25 that allowed me to “pretend” to have participated. This package provided all the same goodies and I didn’t have to run or walk at all!

After this exhausting race, we decided to grab a bite to eat at the Cibolo Creek Brewery. We ordered the chicken salad sandwich on potato bread and a beef short ribs taco. Both of our plates were delicious!

We had a great day trip to Boerne. Despite not participating in the event directly, we had a splendid time at this fun event that is helping to stop hunger. We will be coming back to visit again to experience other activities Boerne has to offer.


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