About the Photographer Behind the Lens

Hi, my name is Lanell Rachid and I am a traveling blogger who hopes to inspire you to travel to unique and interesting place around the world by sharing attractions to visit, fun activities to experience, historical churches to see, amazing restaurants and fantastic places to shop.

I am an expat living in Antalya, Turkey. More to come about my transition to moving to a new country.

Jobs Fill Your Pockets, Adventures Fill Your Soul!

I read this quote and felt it was so much a part of me today. I started out my adult life being a full-time college student and a wife, while raising two children and having a career. I spent most of my younger adult life trying to fill my life with “things” in addition to being a den mother, soccer mom, or working towards that next promotion. I always had the love for adventure but I was limited on time and resources to have those experiences.

So here I am, ready for adventure in the second half of my life! I am still working as an executive director of a nonprofit but planning for more adventures and less “things” in my life. I am free-spirit. I enjoy being spontaneous, am not afraid to meet a stranger, and willing to explore new experiences. I tend to take on more than I can chew and I get “hangry” when not fed often throughout the day. I enjoy organizing itineraries and making schedules but I’m also flexible when need be. I have recently become a podcast lover and read Pinterest articles often.

In this second half of my life I want to connect and share more with people, empower others, and enjoy the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me as I explore the world.


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