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Eat Like a Local in Geneva

With so much to see and do in Geneva, we did what we do best: explore the local cuisine. Because Geneva is a melting pot of many different cultures, you will find a large array of options when selecting places to dine. Being we were visiting our family, we counted on their knowledge to lead us to some of the best options while touring the city. 

During the summer and early fall, Geneva’s climate is mild which makes for an enjoyable experience when sitting outside. Many of the restaurants offer outside seating so that you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery while overlooking the cascade of mountains or the reflection of the sunlight on the lake.

I encourage you to experience Switzerland’s native recipes while vacationing in this amazing city. Some of Switzerland’s traditional dishes you should sample are cheese fondue, perch or trout pan-fried platers, rosti (which is a thinly grated pan-fried potato) and of course the many Swiss chocolate desserts.

Below are some recommended places to eat while in Geneva!

Edward’s Sandwiches

There are several locations of this franchise. We visited the one near Lake Geneva on Rue Pecolat 2. The food is so good we came here twice, once for breakfast and another day for lunch.

For breakfast, we had the simple bagel & cheese with orange juice. The freshness of the bagel made all the difference. For lunch, we had the Pastrami sandwich and the Club sandwich.

The food is fresh and very yummy. The menu offers a delicious variety of sandwiches and drinks. The prices here are very reasonable and the staff is very friendly and prompt.

Le Lacustre

Overlooking Lake Geneva is this great restaurant where you can sit outside and enjoy the view. The first class filet fish with grilled vegetables is their signature dish. Other items to consider are the Blanc Pizza and Caesar salad or Margarita Pizza. You will find a great selection and the food is very tasty.  

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Bagel House Café

This restaurant offers what I think is the freshest bagels in Geneva. It is located on Rue du Marche and very near Globus.

Although they offer a great variety of bagels, we ordered the poppy seed bagels with eggs. Everything was freshly prepared and we couldn’t have asked for a better breakfast.

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Parisserie Geneva

This tiny dessert shop serves up a great French style breakfast with the finest ingredients. It has a cute outdoor space to enjoy the morning sunlight. Delicious quiche and pancakes are a great selection for a start of your day.

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Located inside the Hotel Wilson is the world class Lebanese restaurant L’Arabeque which offers authentic Lebanese Meza (appetizers) and entrees.

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Le Petit Lac

This restaurant is situated overlooking Lake Geneva. The view is simply magnificent. The menu offers excellent selections of appetizers, salads and fish. We ordered the cheese board which was very yummy. Our entrees were the baked white fish, Filets de Perches, and Fish Ceviche.

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Café du Soleil

Geneva has hundreds of fondue restaurants and Café du Soleil proclaims that it serves the best. The restaurant is almost always full, so clearly the public agrees. It might well be the oldest restaurant in Geneva, having kept itself afloat for around 400 years. The menu has a good variety, but the fondue is probably your best bet. Here you can find a traditional meal served in a bustling, but sophisticated atmosphere.

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Globus Geneva

Globus is both a high-end department store and home to the best food court in Geneva. They’ve got your every desire catered for. Whether you are in the mood for gourmet burgers, Italian antipasti, sweet and savory crepes, or Thai cuisine. There’s even a wine bar. In short, there’s great food for a reasonable price.

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La Taverne du Valais

This is a “grill your own” type of restaurant. They offer a wide variety of meats, chicken and shrimp. We selected the Aged Ribeye, Shrimp, and Chicken. The Aged Ribeye was particularly good. We all had great time cooking our own food and pairing it with their large selection of sauces. Everything was succulent and delicious. The service was very prompt and friendly.

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As you can see, we enjoyed some seriously good food in Geneva! Here you will find almost any culture of food you wish to eat.

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