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Everything’s Bigger in Texas: Bucee’s Gas Station

If you are traveling in Texas, you must stop and visit Bucee’s Beaver Gas Station. It is a Texas-size gas station known nationwide for having the cleanest bathrooms in America. These gas stations are located throughout Texas and are easy to spot as they will have a cute beaver on their sign.

The company is owned by Arch “Beaver” Aplin III and Don Wasek. They have been featured in numerous magazines and T.V. shows. If you visit their website, you can read how they came about and view some of the fan photos. Bucee’s is so prevalent in Texas you can find them on Facebook, where they feature cool and exciting items in the store.

On our way to Austin, we decided to stop at Bucee’s in Bastrop, TX, as we knew they would have excellent clean bathrooms, but also many unique gift items and a variety of snacks to pick from in the store. I love Bucee’s brand; it’s a cute beaver wearing a red hat. Their brand is on t-shirts, various snack food items, koozies and much more. If you gift a Texan something with their logo on it, they most likely know where it’s from: Bucee’s!

My son is graduating from the college in Colorado Springs this year so I wanted to purchase his sponsor parents unique items from Texas. I quickly scanned the store for the Texas section which has things like koozies, t-shirts, pot-holders, and other Texas souvenir items. If you want to have a few laughs, check out Bucee’s merchandise and enjoy the sayings on the t-shirts while you browse around in the store.

Some of the unique items in the store you may find include: yeti coolers, outdoor cookware for camping and hunting trips, fishing shirts, deer corn, sunglasses, Bucee ice chests, various Bucee seasonings and much more. Kids love the toys, too! Bucee stuffed animals and a vast variety of yummy candies make it a child’s paradise.

Bucee’s has a fantastic meat counter with a wide selection of jerky, sausage links and other sliced meats you can purchase. Alongside the meat counter is their bakery which serves up a variety of kolaches, brownies, and other delicious baked goods.

In the center islands, you can find the healthier food items such as salads, fruit cups, cheese, and different combinations of things to fill your appetite. Along the wall, you can select from a variety of fountain drinks and purchase a Bucee’s mug or grab a fresh cup of brewed coffee for a little pick me up!

We decided instead of stopping at a restaurant we would just grab a barbecue sandwich, a bag of chips and a drink and head on down the road to Austin. My only advice is to be careful with the traffic around a Bucee’s store during the holidays as they are very busy with travelers.

Bucee’s is a must see while visiting in Texas or on your way from one destination to another in the Lone Star State.



  1. Yes!!! Bucee’s is the best 🙂 A roadtrip through Texas isn’t complete without a stop there. They really do have the best bathrooms haha

  2. I’ve heard lots about Buccees! We have traveled through Texas quite a few times and have never stopped. I think next time we need to stop!

  3. never been to Texas but i’ll keep my eye open for these when we go!

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