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Finding Colors at the Green Gate Nursery

It is a glorious Spring Sunday, and the weather is getting warmer in South Texas. Spring is the time of year when you relish spending time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Spring is also when you survey your yard and see which plants survived the winter and where weeds have taken over your flower beds.

I wouldn’t say I have a green thumb, but I try hard at gardening and cultivating plants! Gardening is always fun, it’s the pulling weeds and plowing the dirt I am not too fond of when working in the yard.

My husband decided it was time to head to the nursery to purchase a new selection of plants and flowers for our flower beds. Our favorite nursery is Green Gate Nursery in Seguin, Texas. Yes, I know it is crazy that we drive over an hour to go to a nursery, but this nursery has an incredibly vast assortment of plants. I decided on this trip I would bring along my camera to capture and share with you the beauty of the countless of plants and flowers.

As you arrive at the front of Green Gate, your eyes will immediately recognize the gorgeous Bougainvillea topiary design plants in a variety of colors. Although I enjoy the colorful blooms and have one in my yard, I hate trimming them because of their thorny stems.  Bougainvillea love the heat of South Texas and thrive very well in my yard.

My other favorite blooming bush is the Azalea. In my neighborhood, they are all in full bloom this spring in so many bright colors. It seems that hot pink is the most commonly selected Azalea. Azaleas require special care and a particular type of soil to be bloom. I learned much of what I know about plants reading my mother’s Southern Living magazine. After learning the amount of care required for Azaleas I decided it wasn’t the plant for me.

If you are looking for a unique hanging plant arrangement, Green Gate has a fantastic collection. I like how they mix colors, textures, and size with each hanging pot arrangement. I always want to purchase one of these arrangements but I know my green thumb abilities will probably not let it live long. These hanging arrangements make for great gifts to give to a special someone.

One area of the nursery that my camera and I enjoyed photographing is the ornamental cactus. Each cactus I photographed was no bigger than 4 inches tall. If you examined their leaves, they have unique designs that gave its own character to the cacti. I looked up a few of them and noticed they are in the family of agave or aloe. We decided to bring home a few of these prickly succulents to see how they will do on our front patio.

Selecting a splash of color to line the outer edges of our flower beds is an easy task as Green Gate had quite a selection of petunias, begonias, impatiens, and pansies. Deciding on the color and combinations of colors was more difficult than selecting the plant type. I can’t wait to see the bright colors of their blooms come to life!

Another great plant that you can add color indoors is the Anthurium.

This prolific and very true red blooming house plant will consistently flower and perform well in a pot indoors. With their heart-shaped flowers and yellowish spadix rising from the center make for an eye-catching image through the lens. If red is not your color, they also have them in a bright vibrant pink which made me think of summer.

Because it is so hot in the summer, I searched for plants that do well in the sun and don’t require a lot of attention. One of the customary plants of our area is what I call Mexican Heather also known as Cuphea Hyssopifolia.

This flowering groundcover produces masses of bright green leaves with small lavender flowers. I am not sure where it gets the name Mexican Heather because it has no relation to the Heather family. I like this plant because it has color, easy to cultivate, and covers the grounds well.

My camera and I were very pleased with all that we had the opportunity to photograph. Many of the customers were wondering why I would be taking pictures of plants at a nursery. One lovely lady stopped me and asked if I was selling my work to the store for advertisement. I explained that I was enjoying the beauty of the plants and after a brief conversation I learned that she is a painter. We had an enjoyable visit and appreciated each other’s interest in the beauty of the plants.

After a hard day of shopping for plants, it was time to find a place to eat in Seguin. My husband did a little research on TripAdvisor (his favorite app) and selected 1838 Grill as the place for lunch.

The menu offered a variety of home-style cooked meals. The specials on this day were: Liver & Onions or Chicken Fried Steak. Neither of the entrees appealed to either one of us, so I ordered the Reuben Sandwich with Fries, and my hubby ordered a Cheeseburger with Fries. We discovered that the portions are quite large which we could have split either one of our selections and we could’ve been easily satisfied and full.  

After our hearty lunch it was time to head back to our hometown of Victoria. Once we arrived we went to work right away unloading the truck, digging holes and planting. We will soon enjoy the beauty and the blooms of our labor as we sit on our front porch sipping a glass of iced tea or wine…



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