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What to See and Do in Cadiz, Spain

If you are in southern Spain on vacation, you must spend a day enjoying the oldest city in Spain, Cadiz. Here you will find beautiful beaches, iconic cathedrals, relaxing Genoves Park, plazas full of flowers, museums, and plenty of shopping as well as restaurants.

We booked this day trip from Malaga with Get Your Guide Tours. The bus will meet you at a hotel along with other tourists, and you will travel together with the tour guide to your destination. Along the way, the tour guide will share with you information about the city and the area of southern Spain.

This historical city is jammed with medieval streets, military fortifications, merchants’ towers, and even a Roman theatre. Cadiz was once a booming port city in the 16th-century was the home base for Spain’s leading exploration and trade. With all that it offers you could spend a four-day or longer and fall in love with all that Cadiz has to provide.

1. Learn a little history at the Old Town Hall

Our tour guide was fluent in English and shared his personal experiences traveling abroad as he took from Malaga to Cadiz. We were dropped off in front Plaza de San Juan de Dios which had a busy port on one side and the historic Old Town Hall on the other. An entrance fee of 6 euros to see the remarkable artwork and details of this historical building.

The plaza is one of the large public squares in Cadiz that give you a picturesque view as well as a tranquil large water fountain. A statue, Cadiz Moret, whose real name is Segismundo Moret, was a politician and a writer.

2. See the Golden Dome of the Cathedral of Cadiz

The18th century Cadiz Cathedral was known as “The Cathedral of The Americas” because it was created with money from the trade between Spain and America. It originally built in 1260 and later destroyed by fire in 1596. The rebuild of this historical site took over 116 years which resulted in many changes from the original plans. 

3. Walk across the plaza and visit the Church of Santiago de Cadiz

The Church of Santiago de Cádiz hosted the College of the Society of Jesus, where today only the church remains. After the assault of the city of Cadiz in 1596 by the Anglo-Dutch troops under the Earl of Essex, the College was in such bad shape that the primitive temple had to be rebuilt, now in the Mannerist style which is the vast majority of the Jesuit churches.

4. Feel the sea breeze and take a stroll on the seawall

We circled background the Cathedral where we stepped on to a seawall that gave you a pictures view of the old town of Cadiz.  I suggest you take a walk along the water’s edge while admiring the architectural design of the ancient buildings and the rolling waves of the sea below. It is also a great place to take pictures of natives in their daily life or the outlines of magnificent churches.

5. Stroll through the old town

Cadiz is a great city just to take random detours off the main path and discover other interesting sites and buildings that date back to the 13th century.  One building I found, which back when Cadiz was an industrial city, called  The National Tobacco Factory is know the Convention Center of Cadiz.

After exploring Cadiz, the tour guide drove to other parts of the city and shared with us a park called Paseo Canalejas. Although we didn’t get out of the bus to walk around, this would be a place to check out on our next visit.

6. Visit the Genoves Park

Cadiz sandy beaches nicely manicured and a great place to take dip your toes in the water. Some beaches are more crowded than others. Playa de Victoria had a few visitors but gave us a beautiful sunset photo before we headed back to Malaga. 



  1. Wow this looks amazing!! Going to Spain is on my list of things to do…my brother in law just came back from visiting there and he loved it. I am nearly 20% Spanish so I definitely need to visit!!! As always, amazing pictures!

  2. Spain is on my bucket list of places to visit. Your pictures are beautiful and it sounds like you had an amazing vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What an amazing trip! Your photos are incredible — Cadiz is going on my bucket list!

  4. I’ve always wanted to go to Spain!!! Caldiz is definitely on my list now 🙂

  5. Harley Martin

    These are all great! Thanks for the suggestions. We’re thinking of going next summer! 🙂 This makes me excited.

  6. Thank you for this great post! My dream is to visit Spain one day and this will have to be a destination! What a beautiful, historic city!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! I hope I get to visit someday!

  8. Cool, I have never heard of Cadiz so would love to visit. I live in the south of France so love checking out new places in Spain as it’s not too far away

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