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About Me

Hi, my name is
Lanell Rachid

A mom, photographer, expat, and traveling blogger, inspiring you to go to exciting places as I share my travel experiences with you.

I read this quote and can immediately relate to it.

“Jobs Fill Your Pocket. Adventures Fill Your Soul.”-Jaime Lyn Beatty

I began my journey into blogging four years ago when someone asked me to give a presentation about one of the trips I took to Mexico, and I realized blogging might be a great avenue to share my travels with others. Not really understanding anything about websites, social media communities, affiliates, and all that other jazz that accompanies blogging, I jumped in writing and hired a VA to help me launch the Traveling Lens Photography website.

I have taught myself about website design, writing blogs, and so much more. I follow professional bloggers such as The Blonde Abroad, Nomadasaurus, Delightful Travelers. I have participated in influencer webinars such as Seth Godin, Lewis Howe, Darren Rowse, and Tim Ferris. I have spoken at Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, and private organizations about trips that I have taken around the world. My blogs, along with my photography, have encouraged others to travel as well.

I am currently living as an expat in Antalya, Turkey, and loving every minute of it!
My blog is mainly about my Turkey adventures, but it also includes other places such as Europe, Mexico, Middle East, and Central America.

I started my young adult life as a full-time college student, wife while raising two children and having a part-time job. After getting myself through college, I became an educator. You can never stop learning!

As my children left home for college, I realized that what brought me the most joy in life is my photography and traveling. Researching more about how photography and meeting other photographers, I felt this would be an excellent tool to share my travel stories. You will find that my writing is informational to educate you about the destination.

So, after my children graduated from college, I decided to live abroad. After exploring various places worldwide, I sold all my things, packed a couple of suitcases, and moved to Turkey.

I hope my blog will encourage you to travel, explore new countries, culture & food… as these experiences are sure to enrich your soul.

This world is a small place, and we are all connected!


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