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The photos have an artistic quality, making them intriguing all on their own. It’s also really fun to travel vicariously through the photos and the insightful explanations of traditions, history, and culture of each destination.


Her blog is very nice. If you have no time to travel and visit nice placeses you can follow her and you can learn everthing and every details of destinations from her blog

- Shafeka

Dear Lanell, Tanya and I are blessed to have met you and Omar as our friends. You have decided to settle down in my hometown Antalya. Lanell, you are a great artist promoting Turkish lifestyle, food, and traditions to people from all over the world. Thank you for having us as your friends

– Cengiz Yilmaz

It's perfect for our travels. You won't regret it. No matter where you go, 'Traveling Lens Photography' is the coolest, most happening travel blog around!" and to boot, Lanell has become a great friend.

— Christopher W.