What can I expect from USA?

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I lived all my life in the United States and still have barely scratched the surface in seeing the entire country. The United States of America is a place of staggering beauty and extraordinary diversity of people and cultures. Nothing can prepare you for the experiences you can expect, whether you are planning to visit the Grand Canyon, seeing the bright lights of Las Vegas, or walking the streets of New York City night or day.

The American people are a melting pot of cultures. Within every city, you will find cultures from other parts of the world, providing their cuisine, music, and entertainment.  Known as the superpower and has the world’s largest economy, it is a desired destination for people worldwide.

The United States has many different landscapes to offer visitors, the Rocky Mountains, Sonoran Deserts in the Southwest, the Great Lakes in the north, volcanoes in Hawaii, tropical beaches, and Everglades in the South. With a wide range of terrain, you will find a broad spectrum of outdoor activities.

Depending on the type of vacation experience you are seeking, you most likely will find it in the United States of America.

Things to See and Do in USA

Nightlife in New York City
Collect seashells in Florida
Take a Riverboat down the Mississippi
Jazz music in New Orleans
Drink wine in Napa Valley
Have fun in casinos in Las Vegas
Ski at the Rocky Mountains
Ride horses in the Grand Canyon
Eat lobster in Maine

Typical Costs When Travelling

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Hostels are about $50 per night, which are dorm-like rooms with a shared bathroom and free WiFi. If you request a private room, expect to pay $120+ a night. Budget hotels with limited amenities can start around $90 – $110 per night. A lovely hotel will cost about $150 – $200 per night. Airbnb is also available, typically like small apartments within someone’s home ranging between $75-$90 per night.

(To locate the boutique hotel or Airbnb visit at or )

FOOD: The United States offers a wide range of food choices. The average cost to spend per day on food is about $50. You can find an abundance of fast-food options that range from $8-$12 per meal. Food prices have a wide range across the United States. If you are visiting an amusement park, expect to pay double for a meal. Lunches at a café will cost between $15-$30 per meal. Dining at a nice sit-down dinner will cost approximately $27-$60 per person. I suggest visiting a local convenience store or supermarket to pick up snacks, drinks, and other munchable items to eat while sightseeing. Always check out TripAdvisor to see what other travelers have said about the restaurant.

(Use when trying to locate a restaurant within your budget range)

TRANSPORTATION: Most cities in the United States have taxis, which on average cost $36 per trip. A more common use of Uber, rather than taxis, is used throughout the country and cheaper. The United States does not have an excellent cross-country transportation system like European countries. Traveling from one state to another, most likely will require an airplane ride. Greyhound bus is the cheapest way to travel across the United States but may require a lot more time that may not be money well spent. Within major cities such as New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., you will find subways around $10 to ride or city buses that range from $2-$5 per ride. Amtrak is the major rail system and can offer travel across states, but it is very slow. Some states provide unique Amtrak travel experiences from city to city. If you plan to rent a car, expect to be charged with toll road fees, ranging from about $2 – $4 per toll road. Parking is not cheap. On average, parking spaces cost around $7-$10 for up to 3 hours.

Suggested daily budget – Average daily budget should be approximately $225 per person, including hotel, transportation, meals, and sightseeing. A two-week vacation for two people costs roughly $3,129 staying at mid-range hotels.

Money Saving Tips

If you prefer a particular hotel chain, I suggest you get a reward card to help you get discounts while staying in the United States.
If your accommodations have a kitchen, or want to get inexpensive snacks, visit Walmart.
Airbnb is the best way to save money with accommodations.
Stick with eating local cuisines. For example, if you are in Texas, try eating BBQ. If you are in Chicago, try grabbing a pizza or a hot dog. Local cuisines will be a little cheaper.
Download the apps Yelp or Groupon to find specials or discounts offered on cheap eats or activities.
If you plan to see several National Parks, I suggest you purchase a National Park Pass, which costs around $80. This pass will also give you access to the Statue of Liberty and a few other national sites.
If you need travel services within the United States, check Skyscanner, Kayak, CheapOAir for the best prices.
Hostels tend to be overpriced, so stick with Airbnb.
Ordering one or two appetizers are a great way to dine out on a budget. Appetizers are relatively large portions and half the price as an entree.
Most museums offer a free or discounted admission day throughout the month. Check online or ask the staff at your hotel.
Check websites such as CityPASS or GoCity Card (It will depend on the city you are visiting), which provide you with discounts.
Beware that some hotels add on many different extra taxes that may be unnecessary. Always ask upon check-in to avoid unwanted charges.
Utilize free WiFi when visiting public restaurants, cafes, or malls.

What can I expect from USA?

I think everyone should travel to the USA once in their lifetime. As a native, I find that in the USA, you will find something unique for you. Whether you are looking to experience the tropical beaches, enjoy the snow-filled mountains, hike through the National Parks, or visiting some of the most exciting museums, there is something for every kind of traveler.

Since the United States is such a massive country, there is no wrong time to visit the country. With so many variations between landscapes and climates across the country, it is difficult to state one time of the year is better than another. Depending on the region you are interested in visiting, and the activities you want to explore will depend on the season to travel. I recommend that you research that area to determine the best times to travel.

Language: No official language. The most spoken language is English.

Currency: The currency is the U.S. Dollar.

Plugs: The plugs are type A and B, the standard voltage of 120 V, and the frequency is 60Hz. I suggest bringing a universal adapter.

Safety: The USA is a safe country; however, theft and muggings are common. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded places.


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