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Dubai Restaurant

Below are some great dining suggestions for you to enjoy while visiting Dubai:

After a day of sightseeing at the Palm Resort and Spa, we went to Sofitel Dubai Hotel to enjoy dinner on the beach at Maui Beach Restaurant ($$). Here you will experience dining on the beach. We sampled some delicious kabobs, flatbread as well as some other appetizers. This 5-star beach resort created a chic Polynesian design atmosphere with a French flair that made you feel like you were in paradise.

Sofitel Dubai Hotel
Maui Beach Restaurant

Flooka Restaurant ($$) is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants that serve fresh seafood cooked the “Lebanese” way. We enjoyed our meal as we sat on the terrace with an unbelievable view of the Arabian Gulf. Guests are welcome to visit the fish counter and choose from a large variety of fresh fish to be cooked to their fancy.  The freshly cooked fish was tasty along with the many sides which included various salads, hummus as well as fried eggplant.

Flooka Restaurant
Flooka Restaurant

While at the Emirates Mall we stopped at Almaz Momo($) to sit down and rest from all the window shopping. The Moroccan designed restaurant with beautiful glass lanterns with vibrant colors of red, orange, green, and blue hanging from the ceiling was such a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy a break from shopping. We each had a savory cup of hot tea and cookies as we enjoyed the tranquility of the Almaz Momo.

Almaz Momo

Em Sherif Restaurant ($$$) is a fine-dining restaurant with a lavish design to resemble an antique oriental mansion created by the owner, Mireille Hayek, or “Em Sherif” as she is known. We were seated at an elegantly dressed table with fine china and silverware. In the center of the table was a large turntable where the platters of food were placed for ease of serving and sharing with others. The menu is created daily with distinguished entrees and promise to surprise patrons’ palates. Each table had several wait-staff, each with assigned duties to make sure every detail was taken care of promptly and with the utmost care. Reservations are required and plan to spend at least four hours enjoying this unbelievable dining experience at such a luxurious restaurant. The food was delectable, and the service was impeccable.

Em Sheriff
Em Sheriff

Operation Falafel ($) offered up deep-fried falafel balls which are made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, and other herbs.  Operation Falafel atmosphere is made to make you feel like you are in the old city marketplace with people hustling and shouting out orders. The smell of the fried falafel fragranced the air and our mouths began to water as we were all a bit hungry. I added a side salad with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and cheese served with tahini salad dressing. We also sampled meat bread (safiha) along with hummus and pickled turnips.

Operation Falafel

Aprons and Hammers ($$)

We climbed aboard a historical Dhow (an Arabic word for the sailing vessel) to enjoy buckets of freshly caught seafood and have a few laughs as we dressed in white aprons to avoid getting our clothes dirty from the buttery juices of our lobster tails and crab claws. Aprons and Hammers have been voted the number one restaurant in Dubai. We had the pleasure of sitting in the upper deck with a stunning view of the jetties and luxurious yachts.  Our order consisted of prawns, lobsters, mussels, and crabs, prepared with a special sauce. We had fun cracking, smashing the shells of lobster, prawns, and crabs. Everything we ordered was scrumptious and very yummy!

Aprons and Hammers
Apron and Hammers

Although most of our restaurant selections were Middle Eastern or with Middle Eastern flair, the city is filled with a variety of eateries from sushi, Indian, pizza, American fast-food, you name it! The food here will be unlike any food you have ever had, so be prepared to have a great experience. I encourage you to research each restaurant before you book a reservation to find out what others say about their experience. Dubai is a luxurious resort for Europe and the Middle East so expect to see lots of high-class accommodations. I must say every experience I had was over the top and I hope that you have the same experience as well.

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