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Spain offers an exceptional variety of things to do, from the beach, historical sights to entertainment. The country’s coastline has some of the most tranquil and clear water of the Mediterranean to relax and take in the sun. You can hike in the mountains, bike its scenic trails, or ride horses up into the hills of their gorgeous landscape. At night is when the cities come alive with flamenco dancers, tapas bars, and a variety of musicians, mimes, and magicians on the streets, providing you with endless entertainment.


After exploring all of what Seville had to offer, we discovered neighboring cities have a lot to offer as well.  All these ideal destinations are reachable as day trips, although you could add additional days to extend your stay. We rented a car so that we could have the flexibility to travel on our schedule. Other forms of transportation are available as well.


Jerez is known for its sherry wine production, so our first stop was to Gonzalez Byass Winery. Founded in 1835 by a partnership, these two men created the “classic bodegas” of the Sherry Triangle (Jerez, Sanlucar de, and El Puerto de Santa Maria). We learned about how Sherry wine is made and toured the famous cellars of the winery. Many famous actors and movie stars have visited Gonzalez Byass Winery and have signed their name to a barrel, which you will see as you make your way through the cellar. We went into the sampling room to sip bone dry to sweet Sherry wines before heading over to the gift shop where we purchased few souvenirs.

Gonzalez Winery

Gonzalez Byass Winery

The city of Jerez is known as the equestrian capital of Spain. The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art is devoted to conserving the Andalusian horses’ breed and abilities and maintaining Spanish horsemanship. The Royal Andalusian School is not only a place to witness beautiful Spanish riding performances, but a fully operational riding school located at the Recreo de las Cadenas Palace.

Royal Andalusian

Emmanuel Church

Holy Trinity Church

The unique show is an equestrian ballet accompanied by quintessential Spanish music and 18th century Spaniard styled costumes, choreographed, using classical dances, offering their audiences over six different performances at various levels. Because I grew up around horses, this demonstration of horsemanship was indeed the highlight of my trip to Jerez.

  • Hours: Mon. – Sat. Tours are offered on the hour starting at 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, at 7 pm. Sunday – 12 pm, 1 pm 2 pm.
  • Cost: $20.00 per person, includes Jerez Wine and Brandy Tour + 4 Wines
  • Tour: GetYourGuide
  • Train: a one hour train ride from Seville will take you to Jerez.


Cadiz is a historic port city, home to the Spanish Navy. During the 16th century, this port exploded as the trade industry for Spain skyrocketed. Located on a narrow piece of land surrounded by the sea, Cadiz is one of Spain’s wealthiest cities with well-preserved historical landmarks. Our tour began at Plaza de San Juan de Dios by the Old Town Hall. Here we saw a statue of Cadiz Moret, his real name is Segismundo Moret, who was honored as a well-liked politician and writer.



Cathedral of Cadiz


Cadiz, Spain

We also visited the Cathedral of Cadiz, located at the Plaza de la Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedrals built-in 1260. Here you will find one of Europe’s number one urban beaches, La Caleta,. If you want to take a nice walk as the birds are singing with colorful flowers and exotic tropical plants, visit Genoves Park. The beautiful thing about Cadiz is that you can walk the entire peninsula. The city is effortless to get around, and you will find many pubs, restaurants, and cafes throughout, offering an array of dishes to satisfy you, whether you’re thirsty, hungry, or both.

  • Cathedral of Cadiz Hours: Tue.-Fri. 10 am – 1 pm and 4:30 pm – 7 pm; Sat. 10 am – 1 pm
  • Cost: $6.00 per person (check rates before arriving)
  • Train: Slow train 1 hour 40 min. from Seville. High-speed train 40 min
  • Tour: GetYourGuide


The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba is known as the Great Mosque of Córdoba and the Mezquita. We decided to explore Cordoba by first riding the high-speed AVE train, which got us there in just 45 minutes. With comfortable seats, it was a treat and a very relaxing journey from Seville to Cordoba. The 8th Century Mezquita (Mosque converted into Catholic Cathedral) is one of the earliest and most beautiful Spanish Islamic buildings. I have been to mosques, cathedrals, and churches, but I found this one fascinating with the combination of two religions under one roof. Cordoba was known for its peaceful religious tolerance between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, all coexisting together.


Mosque Cordoba

The Great Mosque of Cordoba



As I entered, it took my breath away, seeing the 800 columns with beautiful arches and the geometric design they created inside. A must-see is a golden door with verses from the Qur’an of the Mihrab.  While walking around, all you want to do is photograph all the architectural designs and angles so that you can capture the beauty of this historic structure. To get the most out of the trip, I recommend you doing it with a guide and plan to arrive early before the crowds.

  • Hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; (8:30 am-9:00 am) before mass, the Cathedral opens free to the public. It is the best time to go to beat the crowds.
  • Tickets: $10 per person (check rates before arriving)
  • Tour: GetYourGuide

San Raphael Monument

Standing high atop a slender monument overlooking the city is the statue tribute to the archangel Rafael, Cordoba’s city’s guardian. Once you have finished touring the Mezquita, you will find this monument not far from the Alcazar. Nearby a small fountain and a beautiful plaza to take a break.

  • No admission


Calleja de las Flores

Calleja de las Flores

Old Town and Calleja de las Flores

One of the most photographed streets in Cordoba is located at Calleja de las Flores. Here you will see bright blue flowerpots with assorted greenery hanging on whitewashed walls down a very narrow road framing the Mezquita’s bell tower. Beware, many tourists visit this spot, so it is a bit of a challenge to get a picture without them! Go very early in the morning to get the best shot.

Walk the Old Town with the narrow cobblestone streets and browse its shops, lined with lots of colorful flowers, and you will feel like you are wandering through pages in a magazine. As we did some wandering around, we came across some spice shops and small terraces with coffee shops.

The streets are too narrow for cars so if you drive here you will need to park on the Old Town’s outskirts and walk to all the sights.

Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos

The Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos was home to the Roman governors and Moorish caliphs and later became the Spanish kings’ home in 1328. Located on the banks of Guadalquivir river, south-west of the old town.




The Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos

You will climb the “Lions Tower” where you get a picturesque view of the countryside at the entrance. Downstairs is the gallery with various artifacts recovered from the Romans, Moors, and Catholics, representing the city’s evolution. Travel through the gardens and admire the stunning patios with towering monument structures built by the Moorish caliphs when they reigned over Cordoba.

  • Entrance Fee: $6.00 adult
  • Hours: Tue.-Fri.: 8:30 am – 8:45 pm, Sat.:8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Sun. – 8:30 am – 2:30 pm
  • Cost: $6.00 per person (check rates before arriving)
  • Tour: GetYourGuide

Southern Spain has a lot to offer in culture, history, beautiful beaches, architecture, fantastic food, and some of the best wines. I must say, I wished some of our day trips were long because it was challenging to see so many unique places in one trip. The beautiful thing about these types of trips is that it gives you something to look forward to on your next visit to Spain!

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