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After several months of riding our bikes, walking, and using public transportation we decided that there are a lot of places we wanted to see and explore throughout Turkey on our own timeline. Therefore, we decided that buying a car, Peugeot 3008, which enables us to go wherever we want at any time.


After making the car purchase, which I wrote a blog about: Buying a Car in Turkey, the next stop was to go to a gas station and fill the tank. Coming from the United States, I was accustomed to driving up to the station and parking in front of a gas pump, inserting my debit card, selecting the gas type, and filling up. No big deal! Never needed to go inside the gas station or interact with store employees.

Self Service Gas Station

Full-Service Station

Turkey’s gas stations are all full-service stations. Several men, gas station attendants, stand near a gas pump and will ask you when you drive up what type of gasoline you desire and how much gasoline you want in your car. He will then enter an employee code and begin pumping gas into your car.

Gas Station Attendant

Once the gasoline has been pumped as per your request, the attendant will hand you a receipt. If you are paying with a credit card, you will step inside the gas station to complete your credit card transaction. As you return to your car, you will hand the receipt to the attendant, showing that you paid. The attendant keeps this receipt so that he can balance out his “employee code” transactions for the day.  If you are paying by cash, you can complete your transaction directly with the attendant.

I kind of forgot how nice it is to have a full-service gas station. Upon request, the attendant will wash your windows while you wait for your car to fill-up. Although tipping the attendant is not mandatory nor is it expected, but we always do… it means a lot to them.


There are some 24 million vehicles in Turkey with 90% running on diesel and 10% on gasoline.

Gas Station Restrooms

One thing I have noticed about so many gas stations is how well they are kept clean. We have traveled to many places throughout southern Turkey and have come to appreciate the cleanliness of the stations’ restrooms. I especially like the hand sensors (safer sense COVID-19) at the entrance of the restrooms, one wave, and the door slides open, eliminating the need to touch a door handle. In the women’s restroom, many of the toilets have electronic disposable seat covers eliminating the need to wipe down the seat.

public restroom Turkey

Restaurants Near Gas Station

You will also find that many of the gas stations along major roads will have small restaurants attached to them or nearby for you to have a bit to eat. All the gas stations; just like in the USA, offer an assortment of snacks and drinks. The concept of convenience stores as a part of the gas station is fairly new. The adaption to this trend in Turkey has taken a little longer than some of its European neighbors but it has now become a major focus for most retailers.

If you are in Turkey and considering purchasing a car, you will appreciate the full-service gas stations.

Interesting Fact:

  • Gasoline is more expensive in Turkey due to limited access to refineries. For 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of unleaded gas = 6TL ($.86), (1 gallon = $3.43)
  • Many cars run on diesel to get better gas mileage. Click here to read more.
  • The price difference between unleaded gas and premium unleaded is only a few Turkish Kurus (pennies).

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