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If you ever thought about what it would be like to be in one of those commercials as the young girl is walking through fields of flowers, I know the place for you.

Omar and Lanell in lavender fields

Omar and Lanell in the lavender fields.

Visit the village Kuyucak, none for its lush fields of lavender. These purple hills of lavender bushes will take your breath away.  The women of this community have created a destination for visitors around the world to come and enjoy the handmade products produced from lavender. Bloggers and photographers, like me, find Kuyucak a perfect place for pictures.

 Why is the Kuyucak region the place for lavender in Turkey?

Today, we drove to Kuyucak which is a village located on the rolling hills within the Isparta province and among the lake region of Turkey. This small village made up of about 90 household residents, makes a living through lavender cultivation and fishing as well as picking and drying naturally grown flowers and herbs such as hollyhock, daisies, and roses for the entire country of Turkey.  This once unknown village has been discovered by more than 80,000 visitors each year to walk and explore the lavender fields.

Rolling Hills of lavender

Rolling hills of lavender in Kuyucak Village.


This region has mainly been recognized for their roses. The story is told that one of the rose farmers went to France and brought back with him lavender seedlings and distributed them among the families living nearby. Since then, over 3,000 hectares of lavender fields have been successfully cultivated and now is responsible for approximately 90% of Turkey’s lavender production. The best time to visit is between mid-June and early part of July as the lavender bushes will be in full bloom. Harvesting takes place in early August.


Lavender Fields

lavender tractor

Lavender Farming Tractor


This precious little village is made up of cobblestone streets with colorful purple painted doors and windows. You may even come across a purple-painted tractor or motorcycle. Villagers put up booths and tables along the road selling dried lavender, lavender sachets, soaps, and many other lavender products… Make sure you stop to purchase locally made items to support their enterprise.

lavender handmade items

Handmade Items

Lavender sachets

Lavender Sachets


Once you pass through the village, you can begin to see a splash of purple lavender fields along the hillside. An interesting fact about lavender is that it can survive without much water and because one root can produce flowers for around 20 years, the lavender fields of Kuyucak have been quite a prolific undertaking.

Within each of the fields, you will find props to take pictures such as a swing in the middle of a field, or a boat planted in a row of lavender. If you want a panoramic view of the fields, climb up one of the terraces.



Lanell on swing

Swing Prop


After walking a few of the lavender fields and taking pictures we decided to grab some lunch. Almost every lavender field has a shaded food stand or restaurant. The main item sold throughout the village is the traditional Turkish flatbread gozleme. Because it is in season, corn on the cob was another item offered. Both were delicious. If you are not hungry but just want to take a break from the sun, it is also a great place to enjoy a cup of cay (tea) and admire the beautiful view.



Corn on the cob and Coke

Corn on the Cob and a Cola.


The Lavender Village in Kuyucak is one of Turkey’s best-kept secrets and most definitely worthy of a visit. The beauty, color, and aromatic fragrance make it a dreamy and magical destination. If you are visiting Turkey in June-July, put Kuyucak on your travel plans.

lavender car

Lavender Car

Fresh Lavender

Fresh Lavender

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Inshallah (God willing!)

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