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I can’t believe that I’m being subjected to another lockdown here in Turkey. I didn’t have an issue with the first lockdown, but this time I am feeling a little uptight about having to be restricted to my house.  Turkey has been trying to allow the citizens to go back to “normal” since the covid outbreak. Still, because Turkish people live in close quarters, frequent public transportation, and love to socialize, it has been challenging to keep them in check when it comes to social distancing.

Currently, we are in the middle of Ramadan (a Muslim religious celebration). During Ramadan, a Muslim will fast from sunrise until sunset, meaning water, food and even smoking a cigarette are  not allowed during fasting hours. At sunset, families, and friends gather to enjoy an ‘iftar” (breaking fast) meal and fellowship. Since the beginning of Ramadan, which started April 13, we have had mild restrictions, but because the number of covid-19 cases rose to over 50,000 a day, President Erdogan felt it was best to go on a total lockdown. Although, we can go to the nearest supermarket, bakery or butcher shop and such trips must be on foot.



Since I can’t go out to run, I found some awesome workout videos. Here are my favorite channels on YouTube: Heather Robertson, Body Project, Fitness Blender.


Declutter/Spring Cleaning

It never hurts to get your closet organized and switch out seasonal clothes. Consider decluttering other spaces in your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or garage/storage room. I wrote several blogs about how to go about decluttering.


Reading is always a good option when you have more free time. It allows you to get away from technology and escape to another world through words in a book. Either access your library by checking out online books or purchase digital copies to read on your Kindle.


Putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle can keep your mind busy for a long time. Find a puzzle that will create an image that might be worth framing. Puzzles require a lot of strategies that are sure to keep your mind busy.



After getting on TikTok, I have saved tons of cooking videos to explore. Another great place for some great recipes is on YouTube and Pinterest.

Here a few recommendations: The Salad Lab (TikTok), Clean & Delicious (YouTube), All The Healthy Things (Pinterest)

I also encourage you to eat your meal in different places of your home. Try taking your lunch outdoors or on the balcony. A change of scenery always makes it a pleasant experience!


Although it may be challenging to play games if you live alone, options are to play online games such as Sudoku or Words with Friends are good options. Card games are always fun and can be played with more than one player, such as Goldfish or Spades. Of course, there are other board games to consider if you have them around the house. One game we recently purchased but haven’t learned to play it yet is Backgammon. We are watching a YouTube video to learn how to play.

Spa Treatment

Pamper yourself to a day of spa treatments at home.  A pedicure and manicure are always an excellent way to treat your hands and feet. Enjoy a nice long bubble bath or shower with a good rub of a fragrant location. Exfoliate your skin with a peel or remove calluses from your feet.


Learn a Language

Ever since I arrived in Turkey, I have been trying to learn the language. Lockdown is a great time to practice and learn a new language. A couple of great videos I have found helpful to learn Turkish:   Learn Turkish with Muki is excellent because she teaches and understands how to explain Turkish meanings in English. Make flashcards and practice recalling and saying the words. Find a language you want to learn on YouTube and begin a daily lesson.


Take this time to do a thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of the vehicle. Create organizers for your car to keep important documents and regularly needed items in the car.

Sports Equipment

If you own sports equipment such as a bicycle, give it a good cleaning. Make any repairs or adjustments. This can be done with any sports equipment you own. Wash gloves, oil chains, clean athletic shoes, or any other items you feel could benefit from such cleaning. Declutter your gear and get things organized.

sports equipment

Redecorate/Rearrange Furniture

Once in a while, I like to change things up especially in the living room. Move furniture around in your home and give it a new look. If you have extra wall art you haven’t had a chance to hang or a flower arrangement that needs updating, this is a great time to make it happen!

Email Inbox

Time to clean out your email inbox. Also, visit other folders in your email and remove those unnecessary emails.I have written a blog about decluttering your electronics that you might find helpful.

Get Crafty

I always enjoy creating things. Find a craft that most interests you and learn it. Here are some ideas: knitting, painting, or scrapbooking. I love digital art, and so my favorite place to get crafty is on Canva. I also love photography, so I enjoy spending time playing around with my camera learning new techniques. I see many TikTok videos learning how to create unique photographs with your smartphone.


Well, I hope this list of activities will be helpful to you during the lockdown. We need to get the world healthy again, and so these short stints of lockdowns are worth it if it can help save a life.  Stay safe, wear a mask, and get vaccinated!

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Inshallah! ( God willing)

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