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Antalya Nostalgic Trolley

I always find it exciting to jump on a nostalgic tramway (trolley) to see the city. The beauty of riding in a trolley car is that these nostalgic rail systems are typically located in the heart of the city. With frequent stops along the route, it gives the rider a chance to enjoy the scenery and an opportunity to hop on and off to explore shops and other interesting sights along the way.

Antalya Trolley

Running eastward along the main seaside boulevard through the city center of Antalya is the Nostalgic Tramway, exploring Old Town Kaleici to Konyaalti Beach.

Although the tram cars in Antalya are from the 1950-1960s, the nostalgic rail system is not historical as it was open to the public in 1999.

The route is about 3 miles in one direction with ten stop stations. Two trollies are running along a single track, passing one another at a short section of the railway.


To ride the trolley, you will need an Antalya card (Antalya Kart). (Click on the link, and it will direct you to the location to purchase a card.)  You will add the dollar amount you feel you would need and use it as a debit card. The card can be used on the city buses and the tram rails in Antalya. More than one person can use the same card if needed.

Antalya Kart

Both trolleys depart on the hour, and half-hour, between 7:00 AM to 21:00 daily. The one-way fare is 2TL.

Important to Know: You will not be able to pay as you get on the trolley/tram or bus station. Throughout the city, near bus and tram stations, you will find AntalyaKart machines (click on the link to find locations) where you can add more money to the card.


You will find a shelter at each of the ten stations, identifying the station name and a timetable.  The locations of each stop are as follows: Antalya Museum-Barbaros-Vocational High School-Selekler-Cumhuriyet Square-Castle Gate-Three Doors-Metropolitan Municipality-Işıklar-Zerdalilik.

Antalya Kart Schedule

While riding, you will want to pay attention to some interesting landmarks along the way.


  1. Begin at the Antalya MuseumStation. Nearby is Konyaalti Beach Park. At this station are a few cafés, the Martyrs Monument, and a look-out terrace. Across the street is the Antalya Museum that should be on your list to visit while in the city.
Antalya Museum

Antalya Museum

Martyrs Monument

Martyrs Monument

  • The next stop is at Barbaros Station. On the backside of the station is Ataturk Luna Park, a small amusement park for kids.  Within the  Ataturk Park are a terrace and a fountain overlooking the Mediterranean. Behind the amusement park are several restaurants and cafes with stunning views overlooking the sea.
Barbaros Station

Barbaros Station

Ataturk Park

Ataturk Luna Park

  • The next stop is the Meslek Lisesi (Vocational High School) – not much to see at this stop. A couple of small soccer fields and another access to Ataturk Park.
Yvuz Ozcan Park

Yvuz Ozcan Park

Nostalgic Trolley Inside

Inside the nostalgic trolley.

  • Hop off at the Selekler Station, and across the street is Selekler Carsisi (meaning Shopping Center), a great place to snap a picture in front of the “I Love Antalya” sign! Walk north on Anafartalar St., and you will find many designer-brand stores as well as cafes and restaurants. Opposite Selekler Carsisi is Yavuz Ozcan Park spread out across different levels, filled with restaurants, miniature waterfalls, fountains, comfortable benches, green space, and shops overlooking the beautiful coastline. An equestrian statue of Kaykhusraw I stands tall in the center of the park. To the far east of the park is Sultanyan, where you will see stairs wandering down to the water between two cliffs, a historical site to photograph.
I Love Antalya

``I Love Antalya`` at Selekler Station

Turkey War Veterans Assoc.

Turkey War Veterans Association

  • Walking distances is Mehmetçik Park. Here you can tour the Türkiye Muharip Gaziler Derneği (Turkey War Veterans Assoc.) Although there is not much to see, you will find statues of previous war veterans of Turkey. It is an excellent area to walk.
  • You can either walk or step off the trolley at Cumhuriyet Square (Republic Square). Also located here is the Tophane Park that has a statue of Giyaseddin Keyhusrev on horseback, known to be the conqueror of Antalya.

It is a large plaza area where many people walk, skateboard, and relax while admiring the water’s view. Also located here is the Monument of the National Rise. Dr. Huseyin Gezer created this monument in 1964. The memorial represents the leadership of Ataturk, who, through a series of victories, founded the present-day Republic of Turkey.

Cumhuriyet Square

Republic Square

Zincirkiran Mehmet Bey Tomb

Zincirkiran Mehmet Bey Tomb

If you continue to walk east, you will come upon the historical Zincirkiran Mehmet Bey Tomb built-in 1377.  It is an octagonal body and a dome on the outside and an octagonal cone on the outside.  If you visit the Antalya Museum, you will read and see more information about this historical site.

  • At Kale Kapi Station is the Antalya Clock Tower. The clock tower, built-in 1901 by Sultan Abdul Hamid II as part of his celebration of the 25th anniversary of his ascent to the throne.
Antalya Clock Tower

Antalya Clock Tower



  • Jump back on the trolley and head to Üç Kapılar Station, also known as the Hadrian Castle Gate.  This stunning historic ruin dates back to 130 AD. Built to commemorate Emperor Hadrian’s visit, it managed to survive over time.  As you pass through these gates, you are entering Old Town Kaleici.
Hadrian Gate

Hadrian Gate

Roman Sculptures

Roman Sculpture

  • The next stop is near the Metropolitan Municipality or Belediye Station. As you step off the trolley, you can head past the ATMs into Karaalioglu Park (click to find what to see in Karaalioglu Park). You will find many restaurants and cafes along with several terraces overlooking the water. Make sure you check out the musical frog sculpture as the trolley makes its way down Isiklar Street.

Belediye Station

Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu Park

  • At Isiklar Station II & Isiklar Station I are many designer wedding dres’s shops and great cafes and restaurants. The trolley may stop at a few places along the street for passengers boarding.  As you ride this part of the rail, pay attention to the various musician sculptures along the street. Although they have no real meaning to Antalya, they are fun places to take a selfie!

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Inshallah (God willing!)

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