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Olympos Teleferic

Eager to share the beautiful province of Antalya with our family that was visiting for a few days, we ventured to the base of Tahtali Mountain in Kemer to ride the scenic Olympus Teleferic (Cable Car).

The Tahtali Mountain is the highest mountain closest to the sea in this region. These mountains can be seen from our balcony while we sip our morning coffee. With clear skies cool temperatures, we thought it would be a glorious day to see the 360-degree view of the breathtaking landscape from our glass-panel cable car.

If you plan to visit Antalya or have guests visit your home, I highly recommend taking the Olympos Teleferic for an incredible experience!

olympos teleferic


The Olympos Teleferic is a 4,350-meter track and is considered one of the longest cable cars in the Antalya province. The ride takes approximately 10-15 minutes to ride in either direction. You can spend a few hours enjoying the view and taking photos of the mountainside below.

Olympos Teleferic VIDEO


Two red passenger cabins with large windows will carry you from the base station up to the peak of Mount Olympos. Each passenger cabin can hold up to 80 passengers (we had about 25 people in our car). It is a standing room only, except for a small bench which will set about three people. If you have small children with you, I recommend that you put them closest to the window so that they can see out the window.

Ride in Olympos Teleferic

From the cable car, you can see the beach of Olympos and the ruins of Phaselis in Kemer as well as the big city of Antalya. You can soak up the lush landscape of pine trees, and if you ride in the winter months, you can admire the fluffy white snow that blankets the mountainside.

olympos teleferic


You can experience a more romantic ride that takes part near sunset or sunrise for a little extra money. Depending on the time of day, you can see shades of rainbow colors or the moon and stars sparkling in the sky. These rides are priced differently, so check the website.

olympos teleferic
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When you reach the mountain station at the summit disembark, you can walk onto the sightseeing terrace take in a deep breath of the crisp, clean air and sea views from all sides of the mountain. Then, go to the mountain station roof-top to see beyond the coastline and cities below. There is no limit on time, so you can stay as long as you wish. Next, grab a bite to eat at Shakespeare Restaurant but be prepared as it is pricey!

olympos teleferic


You will find outdoor sports such as paragliding, bungee jumping, hiking, and bicycle tours in the summer months. Depending on your level of experience in climbing and hiking, Tahtali Mountain offers three different trails to venture. Tandem paragliding flights are offered daily from May through October. If you are an adrenaline junkie, a bungee catapult is waiting for you.

bungee jumping
mountain biking


One of the toughest races in Turkey is called “Mammut Tahtali Run to Sky, “which starts at Cirali coast to the summit of Tahtali Mountain in May each year.

The world-famous “SeaToSky” motorcycle competition held every year in October starts on the coast of Kemer district and ends on the summit of Tahtali Mountain.

Check here for more information about event schedules.

run tahtali mountain


Admission:  Round-Trip for  Adults-25 EUR, Children 7-12 yrs. -12.50 EUR, Infant 0-6 yrs.-FREE

One-way for Adults-17 EUR, Children 7-12 yrs.- 8.50 EUR, Infant 0-6 yrs. – FREE

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased on-site or online. During high season (summer), you may endure long lines and might find it best to buy online.

Transfer: You can book a transfer from Antalya to the Olympos Teleferic Base Station and back. You can find information here.

By bus: From the city center of Antalya, take one of the following bus lines: KC71, KM61, KC71A, 504, 504A, 600A, TK92, KL08, UC11, UC11A, TK36, DK38, VC57, or VC59. Get off at the “5M-Migros” station and change to an intercity bus to Tekirova. Then get off at the Olympos cable car base station.

Hours: Daily 10:00 – 16:30; check website for updates on hours.

olympos teleferic
olympos teleferic

I don’t think you or your guest will be disappointed in the breathtaking views seen atop Tahtali Mountain or the scenic ride on the Olympos Teleferic.

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Happy Travels!

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    I’ve been wanting to try this but last time it was shir down for COVID. Now before snow melts gotta go – thanks !


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