The city of Antalya is surrounded by nature, from the turquoise coast of Mediterranean Sea to the lush green mountainside. Within the city are numerous parks that offer opportunities for people to enjoy the views of the landscape that lies outside the city limits. Antalya is also home to three spectacular waterfalls; Kurşunlu, Upper Duden and Lower Duden Waterfalls.

Kurşunlu Waterfall

18km northeast of Antalya and surrounded by red pine forest, this beautifully landscaped park was designated as the Kurşunlu Waterfall Natural Park in 1991. The Kalabatli and Akcakopur streams converge creating this breathtaking waterfall. Cactus, ferns, and loads of trees can be seen throughout the park.

Walking trails weave their way along the riverbanks all throughout the park. Be prepared to do some climbing up steep hills as well as walking through dense grassy areas. We encountered a few lizards, turtles, ducks, and fish enjoying the lagoons.

  • Facilities: The best time to visit is early Spring or early Fall. Picnic areas and tables are on site if you decide to bring your own food, but places serving food and drinks are also available. Bring water if you plan to hike throughout the park and rocky areas can be slippery so wear good sneakers.
  • Entry Fee: 9TL per person (2022). Visiting Hours: 08:00 – 18:00.
  • Transportation: We drove our car, but public transportation is available. If using public transportation, please talk with your host to find the current schedule or go on a guided tour.

“Kurşunlu Waterfall”

“Picnic Area”

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Upper Duden Waterfall

Upper Duden Waterfalls is 9km from the city center of Antalya. The source of the waterfall is the Kirkgoz River, and the waterfall is 20 meters high. Beneath the falls are caves which you can explore during the descent of the steps to the base of the waterfall.

One of the oldest and largest deciduous trees from the Platanaceae family can be seen draped across the water. It’s believed to be over 600 years old.

The peaceful sounds of the water cascading onto the rocks is one of the most relaxing and joyful experiences at Upper Duden Waterfall.

  • Transportation: Public buses and minibuses are available. We drove our own car and parked in a designated parking-lot.
  • Facilities: Restaurants and food carts are available both inside and outside the park. Bring water with you if you plan to hike the trails that wander throughout the park. Due to the terrain, wear non-slippery sneakers.
  • Entry Fee: 5TL per person (2022). Visiting Hours: 08:30 – 19:00.

“Upper Düden Waterfall”

“Upper Düden Restaurant”

Lower Duden Waterfall

Lower Duden Waterfall is located near Lara, 8km from the city center of Antalya. The waterfall pours over the 50m cliffs and into the Mediterranean Sea. The best place to view the falls is either by taking a boat tour along the coastline or walking to the Duden Park waterfall overlook. The picturesque view from the park is breathtaking. This is a great place to capture a selfie with the powerful flow of the waterfall in the background. Lower Duden Waterfalls is one of the most iconic natural beauties of Antalya.

  • Transportation: Public buses are available and Tour boats are available at the Kaleici Marina. You can also check with your hotel/hostel for more information.
  • Facilities: Many great restaurants are available nearby. While visiting the Lower Duden Waterfalls, enjoy exploring the Duden Park as there are no fees to see waterfalls from the park.
  • Options: You can walk upstream from the Lower Duden Waterfalls along the bank of the Duden Stream. Restaurants, coffee shops, and a skate park can be found along the pathways.

My Recommendations:

  • A map of the facilities are not available upon arrival. Please review information online before visiting the location.
  • I encourage you to wear sunscreen. NIVEA SUN 50+ has been an excellent form of sunscreen for me. My skin does not feel greasy and it seems to protect my skin for a long time. O
  • Asics Hiking Shoes are very comfortable and great for hiking. Other Lace Up shoes will work too as long as they are grippy. Closed-Toe shoes are the best and safest. Definitely don’t wear flip-flops.
  • Bring a wide brim straw hat or cap.
  • Bring bottled water and snacks
  • A camera is a must! All of my images were taken either with my Canon EOS 6D Mark II or Sony RX100 III
  • Early fall is a great time to visit the waterfalls. Summer months can be very hot and humid. If you plan to visit in the summer, I recommend you go early in the day.
  • The crisp pristine air and the incredible scenery of these three natural waterfall parks is a great way to spend a day while in Antalya.
  • Here’s a map so you don’t miss out!

“Lower Düden Waterfall”

“Düden Park Near The Waterfall”

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