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Electric Bicycling

Asheville is a small but vibrant city located in North Carolina and is one of the top destinations to visit. Known for its arts, culture, and beer. Asheville is a city packed with a wide range of eateries, iconic landmarks, galleries, lush mountains, and oodles of outdoor activities.

With all these options for activities and things to see, I will share my top six best choices to explore in Asheville.

Nature in Asheville

Amazing Pubcycle

If you want to get to see some of the fun and interesting parts of downtown Asheville, you must take a ride on the Amazing Pub cycle. This is a 13-person bicycle powered by a pedal and small motor with a certified tour driver that is entertaining and fun to hang out with while touring the city. The tour lasts about 1.5 hours, and bring with you whatever you want to drink (BYOB) or eat.

Cost: $18-$28 pp. Must make a reservation online.

Pub Cycling

The Botanical Gardens at Asheville

This scenic garden is full of native plants, trees, and wildflowers. It is a tranquil place to take a walk and relax from a busy day of sightseeing. There is no entrance fee nor parking fee to visit the gardens. Walking paths make it easy to wander around and see the beautiful plants as well as the trickling water in the creeks. It is a half-mile loop around the entire park.

The Historic Biltmore Village

This unique design of a small English village is home to many trendy shops and retailers as well as some of Asheville’s finest restaurants. It sits outside of the Biltmore Estates grounds and has served the community in various aspects such as military functions, home of the Boys & Girls Club, and much more. Take a stroll through the village, and you might hear a musician playing an instrument or visit a boutique or two.

Biltmore Village Asheville

Western North Carolina Farmers Market

My husband always loves to visit the local farmers’ market when we travel. This isn’t always on most people’s to-do list, but we enjoy the local experience when we visit such places. You will find quality fruits & vegetables, as well as fresh baked goods, jellies, and other mountain craft items. This farmers market is over five buildings which can house up to 194 booths for vendors to sell their product. It is free to enter and plenty of parking.

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, no fee to enter

Farmers Market Asheville

Electro Bike Company

One way to see the city is with a guide, and I am always looking to get my exercises in as well, so I thought it would be fun to go on an electric bike tour. I wasn’t sure how much pedaling we would be doing, but I knew the hilly terrain would be challenging.  This experience turned out to be a lot of fun. Our guide had us cycle through some of Asheville’s historic neighborhoods. We also were able to see some of the fantastic graffiti artwork that is under the roadways. Although you do pedal some with the electric bikes, it does make it easier to get up hills and deal with the headwind. Tours last about 2 hours, and you need to reserve ahead of time.

Cost: $29 for 2 hours, $49 for 4 hours

Electric Bicycling

Downtown Asheville

You never know what you will see while visiting downtown. We were lucky to see a jazz concert as well as local musicians playing along the street. Interestingly, you will see many different human mime performers, which are truly amazing to watch as they stand so still, they look like a statue. A variety of artists and skilled craftsmen will set up their booths along the street. Every evening we would see something different happening in the streets of Asheville.

Downtown Events Asheville

This list could double with things to do as Asheville is genuinely a fun city to visit with so much to offer. Whether you’re into the great outdoors, epic adventures, the arts, or just chilling out sampling food and beer, you will be happy in Asheville.

I must admit, this has become one of my favorite cities to visit for a weekend vacation destination.

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