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Copenhagen is a lovely city in the country of Denmark. Renowned for its notable historic landmarks and remarkable food scenes. In addition, there are many ways to enjoy and discover this incredible city through various activities. I always like to have a few activity experiences while exploring new cities.

Here are some popular options to consider:


Copenhagen is a bike-friendly city with an extensive network of bike lanes and paths. Biking is a popular way to get around the city and is also a great way to explore the city’s parks and waterways. Before you jump on a bike, make sure to review the bike rules. There are several bike rental options. Donkey Republic is one I rented, and the app is easy to access.

If you want to join a bike tour, I suggest the 2-hour ‘Wonderful Copenhagen’ Bike tours, which show you some of Copenhagen’s best sights and tucked-away gems.


Hiking and Walking

The city has several parks and green spaces that are great for hiking and walking, including the King’s Garden and the Frederiksberg Gardens. In addition, some scenic walking routes, such as the harbor front and the lakes, offer great city views.

A great way to learn about the city is to join one of the Free Walking Tours. Here you will learn the history and unique aspects of the city. Although the tour is free, it is recommended to tip at the end.



Copenhagen has many public swimming pools and beaches, including the popular Amager Beach Park and the Islands Brygge Harbor Bath. These facilities offer a range of amenities, including lifeguard supervision, changing rooms, food and refreshments. On this website, you can find additional spots for swimming in Copenhagen.


The city has several golf courses, including the Royal Copenhagen Golf Club, located just outside the city center.


Kayaking and Canoeing

Copenhagen’s waterways, including the harbor and the lakes, are great for kayaking and canoeing. There are a number of companies that offer rentals and guided tours. You can rent from Kayak Republic or Kajakhotellet. If you wish to take a kayaking tour, check out this website for more details.


Stand-up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is a popular activity in Copenhagen, and the city’s waterways offer a great place to try it out. There are a number of companies that offer rentals and guided tours.


Since Denmark is surrounded by water, much of it is fishable by the public. Whether it is coastal fishing or freshwater fishing, you will have plenty of options in Denmark. For equipment rental and additional information, visit Jagt og Fiskerimagasinet in Copenhagen. It is required to get a fishing license in Denmark.


Horseback Riding

Reconnect to nature by horseback riding. Copenhagen Horseback Riding is a guided and friendly horseback riding tour on good nature Icelandic horses.

horseback riding

Museum Hopping

Visiting museums and galleries: Copenhagen is home to many world-class museums and galleries, including the National Museum of Denmark, the Danish Jewish Museum, and the Museum of Copenhagen. These museums offer a wide range of exhibits, from art and history to science and technology. Highly recommend you purchase the Copenhagen Card, which is cost-effective if you plan to visit many of these museums.

Copenhagen City Hall
Copenhagen City Hall

Parks and Gardens

Copenhagen is home to many beautiful parks and gardens, including the Tivoli Gardens, the King’s Garden, and the Botanical Garden. These green spaces offer a peaceful escape from the city and are great for picnics, walks, and relaxation.

parks and gardens

Walking along the City’s Waterways

Copenhagen is a city of canals and waterways. Walking along these scenic routes is a great way to explore the city. Some popular routes include the harbor front, the lakes, and the canals of Christianshavn.

Visit Landmarks and Historical Sites

Visit Copenhagen’s famous landmarks and historical sites, including the Round Tower, the Little Mermaid statue, and the Royal Palace. These iconic attractions are great for sightseeing and offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history. Also, visit my blog, where I share all the information about what to see in Copenhagen.

Fredrick's Church


Copenhagen is a city of neighborhoods, each with its unique character and charm. Some popular areas for shopping and dining include the trendy neighborhood of Vesterbro, the bohemian neighborhood of Nørrebro, and the historic neighborhood of Christianshavn.



Copenhagen has a lively and diverse nightlife scene, with various bars, clubs, and live music venues. Some popular areas for nightlife include the Latin Quarter, the Meatpacking District, and the waterfront neighborhood of Nyhavn.


Explore Street Art

As the street art scene is ever-changing, there are likely more murals here for your enjoyment. Neighborhoods to consider for more wall art are Vesterbo and Nørrebro. Meeting in Styles of Copenhagen can be found here.

Christiania Freetown
Christiania Freetown

Outside of Copenhagen


Dyrehaven (The Deer Park) is not mentioned often in tourist guides as a place to visit. However, it is a well-preserved space full of forests, plants, and a science route along the Øresund sound. Dating back to 1669, the park was designed for deer to roam freely, and still today, you will see lots of deer! The deer park is free to enter, and you can reach it via the S-Train from downtown Copenhagen.

Island Hopping

Go island hopping to places like Sealand, Funen, and Jutland (a peninsula) which are connected by bridges. Islands like Bornholm, Laeso, Samsø, Fur, and Aero can only be reached by ferry.

Island Hopping


Discover the purple hills of Rebild, which are great for hiking. August is when the heath is blooming, covering the rolling hills with purple blooms. The best hiking routes are Haervejen in Jutland, Gendarmstien from Padborg to Als, and Himmelbjergruten in Jutland. In addition, here are some organized camping grounds to enjoy in the summer.


Swim in the North Sea, lined with giant dunes and old German bunkers from WWII. Visit the only pam beach in Frederikshavn with 70 palm trees that were imported from the Canary Islands

Oyster Safari

Go on an oyster safari in the Wadden Sea (UNESCO). Twice a day, the water retreats, allowing you to explore the seabed by foot or car, watching the seals and plucking oysters.

oyster safari


Experience wild camping for those daredevils that want to connect with nature. Wild camping is spending the night in nature outside an organized campsite and caravan park. It is pitching a tent in the forest during a hike or stringing a hammock. You can find many options to consider in wild camping from this blog.


Overall, there are many activities to enjoy in Copenhagen, whether you’re interested in sports, relaxation, or sightseeing. The city’s parks, waterways, and beaches provide an excellent backdrop for various activities.

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