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Hiking Near Antalya

Living in Antalya, you have access to stunning mountains, lakes, canyons, and national parks. The backdrop of the city is the Taurus Mountains stretching across the province, making it a hiking lover’s dream. Deep canyons with rivers filled with crystal blue mountain waters are scattered throughout the area. The abundance of nature with impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea makes Antalya uniquely beautiful.

Hiking is 2nd most popular activity to do in Turkey! No matter your level or ability, a hiking trail is awaiting you! The best time to hike in Antalya is in the spring or fall season when the weather is mild. The summer months are swelteringly hot and humid, and the winter months are cold and rainy.

Being with nature is good for the soul. Getting away from the city and technology by spending your day in nature is an excellent place to reflect, relax and recharge. The scent of the pine trees, listening to the birds chirping, and breathing in the fresh air always put a smile on my face!

If you live in or near Antalya city, check out these outstanding hiking options:


Zeytin Park

This well-preserved olive orchard sits 11km outside the city but is well worth the trip. It is a great place to do an easy hike while taking in the fresh mountain air. The park offers several trails, depending on the time you wish to spend there.

The park is laid out over 2.6 million square meters. As you enter the park, you will arrive at several white buildings, of which one is a small café. A large map of the property is available to decide which trail suits you the best. Several picnic tables are available for a place to socialize and enjoy a meal under the shady trees. Near the café, you will find a 1200-year-old olive tree and another over 700 years old.

Zeytin Park
Zeytin Park

The park is open daily for visitors to explore a 1KM radius of the café, or if you want to go further, you will need to take part in a guided walking tour. These tours are held on the weekends, and you must call in advance to make a reservation.

When the olives are in season, a small market is open to purchase olive oil or olives harvested from the orchard. You may also find vendors selling honey, herbs, and natural soaps prepared from these lands.

During the summer months, activities for children and other special guided tours are offered. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with current events. Here is the website.

  • The park is easily accessible by taxi, car, or bus in Kepez.
  • Hours: Daily, 8:00 – 18:00
  • Admission: Free, Guided Tours (and breakfast) 35tl pp.
  • Address: Ahatlı, 07090 Kepez/Antalya

Güver  Canyon

This stunning canyon is in Düzler Çamı Milli Parkı with breathtaking views of the valley filled with lush green pine trees and a winding stream of turquoise-blue water below.

You can arrive at Güver Canyon from several different ways. A couple of other roads will take you there off the main highway. We took the route to Pigeon Cliff, which dead-end into the canyon. There is no designated parking, so you can leave your car here (as we saw several other vehicles parked) and begin your hike.

As you step out of your car, you will see the 115-meter-deep canyon. Beware that if you have small children or animals, this canyon has no safety rails to protect you from falling off the edge.

Guver Canyon
Guver Canyon

We decided to take the trail on the left, which kept us atop the canyon near the edge. Doubling back past our starting point, we meandered along a path that took us into the wooded area, scaling a few boulders. As we made our way down a few rocky hills, we got a better glimpse of the valley below. The majestic and serene sights were gorgeous!

We packed a light lunch and sat on the rocks while admiring the view. The path around the top of the canyon is easy to walk and only requires sneakers, but you will want to wear hiking boots if you decide to climb down a few of the rocks.

  • If you plan to picnic or camp here, be aware that fires are prohibited. You will NOT find garbage cans, so I encourage you to bring a trash bag to collect your trash and take it back with you.
  • Address: Karaman, 07190 Döşemealtı/Antalya
  • Admission: Free

Tunektepe Teleferik Tesisleri

If you are looking for a trail near Konyaalti, head over to the Tunektepe Teleferik, where the scenic hike begins. The 6K hike has an elevation of about 350 meters that overlooks the city of Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea. It will take you approximately 2.5 hours to complete the hike.

The trail is steep in some places, and the rocks are loose, so you need to wear good hiking shoes. Bring plenty of water and snacks. You will want to probably picnic at the top peak and admire the splendid views.


We discovered another trail (part of this longer trail) called the Konyaalti Trail. The trail is marked with paint on the rocks. Beware because we found that the rocks had been removed or fallen; therefore, it is easy to get off track, which we did. With that said, we still reached the peak and had a fantastic time!

  • BUS: A bus route can be found using the Moovit app. The final stop is next to Tunektepe Teleferik Tesisleri cable car station. Behind the taxis is a highway. You will need to cross the road, and you will come upon a gravel road that will lead you to the top of the mountain.
  • Address: Liman, Antalya Kemer Yolu, 07130 Konyaaltı/Antalya (this is to the teleferik). If you want to park your car and hike, here is a good spot.

Lyrboton Kome Arkeopark

Near the Upper Duden Waterfall is Lyrboton Kome Arkeopark (Archeopark), a 2,000 year-old ancient city. It is approximately 30 minutes by car from the city center of Antalya. This ancient city sits upon a hill in the Vergik region of Kepez. Lyrboton Kome once had a large olive oil production, and the remains of the presses can be found here. Lyrboton was the primary source of olive oil for the Ancient City of Perge.

Once you climb the hill to reach the park, the area is flat and easy to walk. The ruins are scattered all over the top of the hill and have many shady trees where you can have a picnic.

Lyrboton Ancient City

The archeologists are still excavating the Ancient City of Lyrboton. Several of the artifacts discovered are housed in the Antalya Museum, but you will find plenty of historic structures such as a bathhouse, olive press, and more to explore. However, I suggest you do a little research before visiting because you will not find any markers.

Bus routes are available near the location. You may have to hike up the hill from the bus stop to get to the entrance, but the area is easily walkable once there. You may spend between 1-2 hours hiking.

  • Address: Kirişçiler, 07025 Kepez/Antalya
  • Admission: Free

The Ancient City of Sillyon

I discovered this site by noticing a “brown sign” while driving towards Manavgat. As you drive on D400, you will see a “brown sign” about 20 kilometers outside Antalya, directing you to Sillyon.

Sillyon was once considered one of the wealthiest cities of the Pamphylia. The site is surrounded by farmland and greenhouses. A map of the ancient city is posted but with little explanation.

As we climbed the hill, we came upon a few young goats playing on the ancient city walls. But it looks like they were “kidding around!”

The ruins scale the entire circumference of the hill. As you enter the lower level of the city, you will see a watchtower and a water fountain that still offers fresh spring water from the mountain.

Sillyon Goats

It is a little more challenging to reach the city’s upper level as the terrain is steep and rocky. You will need to be wearing good hiking shoes and free hands to hold onto the rocks as you climb upward.

Beware that there is no shade at this site, so make sure to wear a hat. The area is very primitive and does not provide any place for picnicking or toilets. We did see a tiny café nearby, but it was closed for visitors at the time. Bring plenty of water, a hat, and snacks.

  • Admission is free. The visit will take about 1.5 – 2.5 hours to explore.
  • Address: Yanköy, 07500 Serik/Antalya. By car, it takes about 40 minutes.

Doyran Göleti (Pond)

One of my favorite places to escape and be with nature is Doyran Göleti. The Taurus Mountains surround this picturesque nature preserve with tall shady trees hugging the water’s edge. The water is sparkling blue and offers a lovely place for a picnic.

Doyan Pond

A hiking path borders the lake, which is quite large but easy to walk. The hike is excellent for those that want more of a walking trail than hiking uphill. I am not sure if swimming is allowed, as we did not see anyone in the water.

It takes about 20 minutes by car to get to Doyran from Antalya. It is located north of Çakırlar, the breakfast village. Note that there are no toilet facilities here!

  • Admission is free. Depending on how long you want to relax, you can stay all day. The hike will not take you more than 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Address: Akdamlar, 07130 Konyaaltı/Antalya, Turkey


You can not go wrong hiking in Antalya with the picturesque views of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy and respect the natural beauty of Turkey by always leaving NO TRACE behind!

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Happy Travels!

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