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Spring Cleaning Bathroom

If you are like me and have little space in your bathroom, it is ideal to utilize every little nook and cranny you have for items you want in the bathroom. The problem usually begins when you buy products that are trendy or want to experiment with and then decide you do not like the way it looks or feels. You feel guilty to discard it and so it ends up taking up space in your cabinet or countertop.

No matter the size of your bathroom always take the extra step to make it clutter-free and as functional as possible. Having an organized bathroom not only makes the appearance of the room looks nice, easier to keep clean, but it also makes everything inside more user-friendly.

It is time to jump into the bathroom and start our spring cleaning.

Clean Bathroom


Begin your journey into decluttering your bathroom by going through every storage space where you keep bathroom products – including hair products, lotions, tissues, toilet paper, makeup, first-aid kit, towels – and put all of the products out in the open. Begin by sorting the products into three categories: keep, donate, and toss. Next, sort the products you are keeping into subcategories based on their type and where you plan to store them (hair products, towels, makeup, etc.).

Since you have everything out of the cabinets and drawers, it is an ideal time to give your bathroom a good cleaning. Look at the products you are going to keep and your cabinet/drawer space and determine storage organizers to purchase to help you manage space as well as make good use of the products you have purchased. I like to use small plastic storage containers, stackable baskets/trays, as well as draw hooks to help keep things tidy and grouped together based on their use. Items such as hairclips, hairbands all store best in a Ziplock baggie. Make sure you’re bringing in organizer products that fit your space and your items.

A great place to find these items are at discount stores such as Dollar Tree, Dollar Store or Walmart, or similar stores in your respective city. Make sure that when you purchase organizers that you can return them in case they do not fit or function the way you want them to in your bathroom.


If you need more creative ideas on how to organize your bathroom, visit YouTube. Here is an example that will get you started:


Your linen closet or cabinet might either be inside or outside of your bathroom. Although most people keep bath towels there, it’s not a spot to ignore when organizing the bathroom.

First, determine what you want to store in the closet. Besides towels and washcloths, this might be a good spot for items such as extra toilet paper and tissues, that you don’t need to keep readily accessible in the bathroom. Throw out old linens that are worn out. Maybe consider refreshing them with a set of linens and towels. Arrange everything in the closet so that the items you use most often are toward the front on shelves you can easily reach. You can group small items, such as your washcloths, in a storage basket to make them easy to find. Make sure everything is neatly folded and stacked to maximize the space.

linen closet

Shower and Bathtub

Showers and bathtubs can be difficult to keep organized because they are not designed with storage space in mind. Great options are shower caddy’s that store shampoo bottles and is a great place to utilize space. I like the stick-on wall soap and razor holder. Installing towel hooks outside your shower/bathtub is also an excellent place to hang your bath towel.

Try not to have too much product on your bathtub ledges by putting a small basket with things such as body wash, bubble bath, and other items that you might enjoy while taking a bath and place on the ledge or next to the tub for easy access.  Also, if your shower or tub is packed full of products, consider streamlining your routine or at least storing rarely used items elsewhere.


Keeping your countertops tidy is probably going to be the most challenging of them all because putting up products that you use every day seems unnecessary. Keeping counters clear of items makes it easier to clean.

I keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in a special holder on the counter. I have a hairdryer and curling iron caddy that hangs on the door to help keep them off the counter. Installing a hand towel ring/bar is a great way to free up countertop space. Makeup can be kept on the counter if it is stored in a small makeup organizer.

When organizing items on a counter, always keep them closest to where they are used. For example, hand soap should go right next to the sink. You might also want to have hand lotion there or the product you use daily to wash your face. The goal is to try and keep as few items on the counter as possible.



If you store medicine and first-aid kits in your bathroom, please review expiration dates and discard expired items. Organize these items and keep them accessible in case of an emergency. Having all our first-aid kits b arranged together will make it easier to render aid when needed.


We all buy more than one of certain items to not run out such as toothpaste, contact solution, toilet paper, etc. Store these items in the back of the linen cabinet or out-of-the-way spaces in your bathroom.  You can also use space under the sink for extra bottles of shampoo, bars of soap, and other products you don’t need every day.

To make it easier to keep your bathroom clean, store bathroom cleaning products underneath the sink.

bathtub organizer

Make-Up Drawer

I find using a drawer is a great spot for makeup, but the trick is keeping it organized. Drawer organizers can help keep items categorized and within easy reach. Drawer storage baskets that fit nicely and help keep things grouped together such as nail polish help accidental purchasing an item you already have and save you money in the long run!

Sometimes we buy makeup because it is a trendy color, or we want to experiment with a new brand and then we either decide we don’t like the way it looks on our skin and never use it again.  Most makeup that is in the powdered form will last 2-3 years. If you have liquid makeup that you haven’t used for more than a year, it is time to get rid of such.  This is a good time to dispose of those items that you no longer use and free up space. DO NOT donate makeup!

Every drawer should have a designated purpose. A functional system can be to store everyday items in your top drawers and items you use less frequently in lower drawers.

makeup organizer


Have you have completed a thorough cleaning of your bathroom and have all your products organized it is time to maintain your space. It should be easier to keep it clean and organized is that each item has a place to store. Return items to their proper places after each use. This kind of maintenance should be simple and part of your daily routine rather than a major cleaning task.

organize bathroom

I hope these organizing tips have helped inspire you to do some spring cleaning in your bathroom. I look forward to sharing more helpful tips in my Spring-Cleaning Series, so stay tuned and check your inbox.

If you have any other helpful tips, you do in your closet, and please share them in the comments.

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