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Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day. You may be asking what the big deal about Earth Day is. This day is designed to celebrate the beautiful Earth that we have been blessed with in our lifetime.  I don’t want to get into a debate about climate change, but just like anything else in life, if you don’t take care of it, soon it will break down and not operate the way we would like!

Just as in making New Year resolutions, it is a great time to make Earth Day resolutions to help keep the Earth healthy to continue to relish in what it offers us.

You might be thinking that you already make an effort to recycle, reduce, or reuse, but there is always more you can do.

earth day together


Put your heads together and come up with ways that you and your staff can help the Earth. Make this effort as a part of the overall company goals to help improve the environment. Significant steps such as ways to manufacture and use energy can help fight emissions and pollution.


If you have a small business, here are some simple steps that can be followed:

  • Commit to one or more days a week to carpool with someone or use public transportation.
  • Change out lighting to LED lights.
  • Office Clothes Exchange (Once a month to have a professional office clothes closet exchange such as ties, a suit, or blouse that you don’t wear and offer to exchange.)
  • Recycle ink cartridges.
  • Recycle paper waste.


Here is a checklist for 365-day habits you can do at home:

  • Use reusable water bottles.
  • Eat less meat (or try Meatless Monday)
  • Do not leave the faucet running unnecessarily (Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.)
  • Reduce your laundry cycle to use less water.
  • Update your toilet to use less water.
  • Make sure only to purchase energy-efficient appliances.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Get a programmable thermostat and reduce the thermostat setting when you go to bed or not at home.
  • Have your home checked for energy efficiency (windows and vents may be losing heat/air conditioning)
  • Check out Pinterest for many other great ideas on how to recycle and reuse items for your home.


Within your community, you can help protect the Earth by creating a community garden and have compost which makes for good fertilizer to use in flowerbeds. Discuss with members of your neighborhood how to reduce water waste when watering lawns.


Make sure neighborhood streetlights are on a timer. Here are few more ideas to help the environment:

  • Contact your utilities and ask for green power.
  • Pledge to use reusable grocery bags.
  • Shop local farmer’s market for fresh produce.
  • Avoid single-use plastic items.
  • Host a neighborhood/park clean-up.
  • Take advantage of city-wide recycling days.


Most of us own a car to help us move about our day. Having regular maintenance on our vehicles helps our vehicles run more efficiently.

  • Driver Slower
  • Make sure your tires are inflated.
  • Be gentle on the brakes (more efficient use of gas)
  • Drive less (carpool or use public transportation)
  • Ride a bike (if only going a short distance to a neighborhood store, ride a bike).


Earth Day is a great excuse to host a party with friends, family, or neighbors. Ensure that everything you plan for the party involves the 3 R’s (recycle, reduce, reuse). Some ideas include making an eco-craft, backyard scavenger hunt, or playing nature-themed games.  Offer a vegan menu and encourage others to bring a dish in support of Earth Day.

Let Earth Day be a reason to have fun and socialize with friends!

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Inshallah! ( God willing)

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